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Human migration has been an important activity in human societies since antiquity. Dramatic increase of its intensity is observed in the modern era. Understanding this phenomenon, its causes, processes and impacts often starts from measuring and visualizing its spatiotemporal patterns. This online platform is built for users to interactively visualize human migration through space and time. To view an administrative unit’s profile, single-click anywhere inside the unit’s border or select the unit from the drop-down menu. Toggle the Origin/Destination tab to set the selected unit as either the origin or the destination of migration. Hover the mouse over any stream to view migration count for the displayed year. Streams turn white when touched and are otherwise colored according to the absolute number of migrant stock, as indicated in the ‘Legend’ tab. To zoom, double-click the map or use the +/- controls in the top left corner. Click on the clock symbol on the top menu bar to bring up the time bar. Select year by clicking on the time bar, or hit the play button to automatically step through the years.

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